May 25, 2017

Chasing Sunsets – The Gili Islands


If you’ve been following along, my last post on Java mentioned that my next stop was The Gili Islands. After Surf Camp, I hopped on a ferry to Lombok. I managed to not get sea sick by sitting at the back of the boat in the fresh air, but that meant getting completely soaked with ocean spray. Turns out, the Gili’s are worth that horrible boat ride across the sea.

Everyone asks me what my favourite place in Indonesia was, and while I can’t seem to pin point just one place, The Gili Islands come pretty close to number one. This tropical utopia is a chain of three small islands just off the coast of Lombok. Gili Twawangan being the main attraction, known for it’s crazy nightlife and stunning beaches. I spent my week and a half here watching sunsets, eating way too much food and scuba diving the incredible reefs.

The “hostels” are more like hotels where you can pay $12 a night for a private homestay style room – a cheap backpacker’s dream. The photo below of the yellow building covered in florals was the first hostel is stayed in on the island – just ridiculous. The lifestyle is slow moving and you can bike the island in about an hour (no motorized vehicles allowed). If you’re into scuba diving, the Gili’s are known for their amazing reefs. I got my certification during my stay and I saw sea turtles every dive. I dove the Great Barrier Reef when I got to Australia after Indonesia and I must say The Gili’s are where it’s at.

These islands seriously have it all. You can post up in a hammock to watch the sunset for a more chill vibe, or have a night out with tons of options for dining and dancing.

I made some of the most amazing memories on this incredible island, and I’m so excited to be sharing it with you guys finally! I hope it brings new life to your travel bug.



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