August 14, 2017

Rachel & Brendan’s Engagement – Royal Botanical Gardens, Oakville ON


Ok, so these two are beyond adorable, that’s obvious. What even is more obvious is how infatuated they are with one another. I love when groom’s aren’t afraid to be lovey during a shoot, and it’s safe to say that Brendan was all for every kiss, snuggle and hand-hold I requested from him.

My favourite quirk about these two is their love for Gilmore Girls. When we first met, they told me the story of how Brendan proposed to Rachel just like Max Medina proposed to Lorelei on Gilmore Girls. If you’re behind on your Netflix binging I’m happy to fill you in. Brendan surrounded an entire pergola with a thousand yellow daisies and got down on one knee just like the infamous scene from GG. HOW FREAKING PRECIOUS ARE THEY!? I know, I die a little.

It’s clear that these guys were made for one another, and I am so so so sooo happy I get to capture them promise forever this weekend.






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