Authenticity above all.

MY hopes are that by your wedding day I'm not just your photographer, but a close friend.

Meet the lady behind the lens...

My StoRy.

I’m just a small town girl with big dreams.

I grew up lakeside just north of Parry Sound, ON. Running around barefoot, catching frogs and playing in the dirt. These days I call Barrie, ON “home”, but Whitestone Lake remains my happy place.

My Mama raised me to never settle for a career that didn't make my heart soar on a daily basis. So here I am, living my dreams, capturing love stories on the regular - loving every second! Sharing in the love of two individuals is really something remarkable. I get to work with people every day who's love inspires me - needless to say I adore what I do.

When I am not behind the camera, you can find me outdoors adventuring with my goofy Australian Shepherd Russell, at the gym attempting to lift 3x my bodyweight, or at home on the couch with my partner JC, turning my brain off with an episode of The Office. I am a HUGE animal lover and I will invite you to bring your fur babies to our engagement session.

In the last 8 years I have been blessed enough to be able to travel all over the world, some for work and some I've solo-travelled with nothing but a backpack for months on end. Countries including (but not limited to) Indonesia, Greece, Portugal, England, and my favourite Australia. I’ve discovered that travelling and meeting new people is where my soul thrives, and I am most at home when I'm seaside. Please know that I am more than willing to travel for you!

I am a believer in the tangible and the handmade - in other words I am a sappy sentimentalist. My parents photographed my entire childhood on film and those albums are my favourite keepsake. I’ve brought that appreciation for film into my business - there's something so magical about going back to the basic light on negative, you know, putting film into the back of a camera and waiting for it to come back from the lab like in the good old days.

Above all else, I love working with people and having clients that turn into great friends.

Childhood memories on WHITESTONE LAKE


I have a passion for capturing genuine relationships all over the globe. Love stories are my favourite. I focus on creating imagery that speaks to the soul with it's authenticity, while maintaining a consistent timeless and romantic quality that will last through the ages.

When it comes to my approach, what keeps me grounded to a certain aesthetic is my relationship with my clients. I feel that getting to know you and your partner is the means behind every raw, vulnerable image you receive, and a person can only open up in that way when they get to know the person behind the lens, and build a trusting relationship with them. THAT is why getting to know you and your relationship with your partner is so important to me!

If you think we'd make a perfect fit please inquire HERE.

Some fun facts about me...

I've been a Wedding photographer for over TEN years now.


I actually went to school for commercial photography and dabbled in that for 3 years post college before really getting into weddings and lifestyle photography. Like most, it all started with a friend from my small town asking me to capture their wedding. I fell in love with getting to know my clients and working with them to capture their most precious memories. The rest, as they say, is history...

I don't like to CATEGORIZE myself as strictly a photographer.


As far as what makes me tick, we could also say it would be spending all my free time with my four handsome boys JC, Russell, Pamplemousse & Bruce (partner, dog, cat, kitten). I'm also a powerlifter with a passion for deadlifting 3.5x my bodyweight, and I love a lazy weekend dockside at the cottage.



There's nothing quite like being in a new place and meeting new poeple. I love scuba diving just as much as I love a beach and a good book, but the couch with a good Netflix show (The Office, Vikings, Handmaid's Tale - being a few current favs) and my fur babes snuggling me is just as wonderful!

Fav places that I've travelled to date would be Bali,Portugal, The UK and Australia.

- Allie, JC, and Russell enjoying cottage life -